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Ooh hair.. Saving to look later x. The Sims Resource 4 days ago. Comment on Facebook For a second yesterday I was hoping the top fan status was a precursor to my award I love all my sims's game.

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Congrats to everyone!!! Congratulations to everyone that won. Congratulations ll!!! I never got notified. Must not have been me. Congratulations everyone. Happy simming. Congrats to the winners! Hopefully one day it will be me! Congratulations to all the winners: Congrats on the winners.

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The Sims Resource 1 week ago. Comment on Facebook Sul sul!! Would love to win.

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I've been playing since the first platform came out. Happy Valentines Day!!! This is such a great post! Thank you!!! Happy Valentine's day! Happy valentine's day. Good luck. Happy Valentine's day fellow simmers!!! Happy Valentine's day. Sul sul! Would love to win, love playing. Still a kid at heart!

How to install Sims 3 mods (Mac) *BEST ONE*

Happy valentines day I love the sims oh so much!! Been playing since the first sims came out!! Oh man!! Sims 3. Learn more. Learn more Method 1. Consider what you want. Custom content exists in many forms and there are many varieties to choose from. Do you want hairstyles or clothing for Create a Sim?

Wall or floor decorations for Build Mode? Narrowing down what you want will make it easier to find content that suits your needs. Take the poly count and your computer specs into account. While objects and Create-a-Sim styles might look great, a high-poly mesh won't look great if your computer is barely meeting the game's minimum requirements, and a low-poly mesh may look bad no matter how powerful your computer is. If you're looking for custom content that changes part of how the game operates such as enabling male pregnancy or changing default schedules , you're likely looking for mods, which are installed as.

Look for reputable sites. Especially since many sites for custom content are prone to having malicious ads or just disappearing at any given moment, you should find sites that are known to be safe by The Sims 3's community. Take caution.

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Several sites that previously hosted Sims 3 content have been removed or sold, and what used to be a trustworthy site may now host malware. Use an adblocker and have antivirus software on your computer when looking around, and don't download anything you aren't certain is the content you want. Ensure you have the required content.

Certain types of custom content require separate meshes, expansion or stuff packs, or mods to work properly, and not having these can result in various issues. If you don't have the proper content or expansions, either get the required content or don't install the content to avoid bugs. The most common "offenders" that require expansion or stuff packs tend to be new worlds. Some custom content websites such as Mod The Sims will allow you to filter out content that requires expansions or stuff packs that you don't have.

Have a program to extract the files. Normally CC will come in a. Distinguish between Sims3Packs and Package files. There are two types of custom content for Sims 3 -. Sims3Packs are installed manually using the game launcher, while. A Sims3Pack will have a file extension of. If you don't want to check the file extensions, a Sims3Pack will have a Sims 3 logo as its icon, while a package file will have a white paper icon or, sometimes on Macs, a black rectangular icon that says exec in green text.

Check for broken or corrupted content. Custom content isn't perfect, and can cause a variety of issues, ranging from attaching its file to game content, being on the wrong Sim at the wrong time, having graphical or functional errors, creating sunken "blue lots", or just causing your game to not run at all. While there's no surefire way to know if something is broken just by looking at it, it's recommended that you test custom content before leaving it in and to only install small amounts at a time, to avoid having to struggle to find the buggy content you installed.

Esta increible porque es como mi segunda vida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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