League of legends not downloading on mac

Find the location where League of Legends is installed on your Mac. If not, then edit the settings by clicking on the lock icon. Uninstall League of Legends from your PC. Check that no LoL files are still on your hard drive including any setup files and restart your PC.

League of Legends for Mac

Consider using a registry cleaner. Redownload the game from the official LoL site, then reinstall the game. Open League of Legends from your hard drive Sometimes, locating the actual launch file for League of Legends is the fix you need to help you open the game. Find the location where LoL is installed on your PC.

Typically, this will be C: From this directory, launch LeagueClient. Clear old registry files As noted above, registry files may stay on your system after deleting one instance of League of Legends. If a permissions dialog box pops up, click Yes. Click on the Edit tab, and then click Find. Delete all relevant entries that appear in the right-hand pane of the Registry Editor. Restart your PC and reinstall League of Legends.

Try to launch LoL again. The files you need will be redownloaded.

The epic MMORPG game arrives on Mac

Find the user. Save the file.

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Relaunch the client. Go back to the install folder and delete the LeagueClient. Run lol. Force your game to repatch League of Legends periodically releases patches to fix bugs that crop up during the game. Reopen League of Legends. Here are the steps to follow for Windows… Head to C: Check that you can open the LeagueClient. If there are any errors when trying to open it, delete the file. The League client should open.

When it does, click on the Launch button. This will redownload the files. Open Finder, and head to Applications. Right click on League of Legends and click on Show package contents. Click on the League of Legends folder. Relaunch the client by clicking on LeagueClient in the same folder. Be patient! Use the Initiate Full Repair tool League of Legends also includes a handy repair tool that can be found right from within the client itself.

How to Install League of Legends: 2 Steps - wikiHow

Try the Hextech Repair Tool In addition to the many tips, tricks and fixes proffered above, Riot Games have another solution to throw into the ring in the form of their Hextech Repair Tool. Related Posts: NetEnt Slot Not Loading: What Should I Do? February 19, Kristoffer. June 14, Kristoffer. May 7, Kristoffer. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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  7. I'm not a professional player, I just play league to have fun; besides league I only play other games sometimes on weekends or on school breaks because otherwise I don't have a lot of time and for that I have one of those shitty PCs at my hometown but It doesn't connect to the wifi in my college house. Having to get another computer, even if cheap, exclusively to play league would be putting on a big effort for something that I don't want to invest that much into. If they just fixed the bugsplats that make my game stop and crash I'd be fine with the other issues.

    Specially since the other major one is just the game not opening unless I restart the computer which is something that ocasionally happens on certain PC programs too. No one is regarding your claim because you appear to have no credibility, and more importantly you have not provided any evidence to support it, or made an argument as to why it is not Riot's fault.

    And what the fuck? If you read properly you'd realise OP meant that they're a casual player and aren't prepared to invest a whole assload into a game they only play on a casual basis. Off ye' high horse. Idk what is it with people telling others what they can or cannot buy, why not keep people's finances out of the discussion? I didn't say I can't buy a PC and I said that in fact I already have one which I actually use when I do most of my gaming when I have free time but unfortunatly it has WiFi issues and I can't use it in my college dorm. You basically want me to have 3 PCs for the sake of playing a game, and it's not even for the sake of playing since I said my issue is that ocasionally it means that it doesn't happen all the time I get a bugsplat and I honestly don't care but it must suck for my team having me gone from the game for a couple minutes until i restart the game.

    But yeah if you're really that commited to it go stand outside your local apple store and tell people what to do with their money, follow your dreams and your hatred of Steve Jobs: I used to have a shitty PC for LoL but it was shittier than my current Mac runs slower most of the time.

    With that said, my mac only occasionally has problems with LoL but when it does it's literally unplayable. MacOS is definitely made more for simplicity and productivity than max gaming benchmarks, but it's definitely capable enough.

    League of Legends

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