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Now open your destination folder and check if the. In a similar way you can save a picture in other formats. In your macro, you will just need to replace. That is a very detailed explanation about Converting chart to Image file. Here is another similar additional reference for you on how this option is used in an Print screen Automation.

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Excel for Mac: Getting Started with Charts

The solution with the macro works very well. However, do you have a way to add the increment in the destination name to be able to save many files one after each other and not having them saving over the last one. Please specify whether you need to save several charts from one worksheet during one session i.

The former will be pretty easy while the latter might be challenging.

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So like one of the methods totally worked. Thank you so much. You can do this using some OCR program.

Choosing a graphics file format

Nearly all of them can scan and recognize. If this does not work, then you will need to print out the picture and scan it. I have the same question as lucas, I export my file, but is there a way to increment the file name so it does not save over the prior one? I have to ask the same question that I asked of Lucas earlier. Please let me know whether you need to save several charts from one worksheet during one session i. Alexander, Let's start with the former. Please describe how to increment the filename for one Excel sheet. FileExists "D: I love this tutorial but what I wish to achieve is to print current selection of cells and not just a graph.

Kindly suggest. Thank you for your feedback. To fulfill your task, please open the worksheet, press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. Then open any Image Editor, e. Is there a way to make the "picture" graph look a lot sharper? It doesn't look as good as if you copy and paste from Excel to Word.

I have one question, I'd like to export the chart to file of the format. Someone know how do this on vba? Glad to be here! Thank you!

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I want to Export Image, which Attached Excel sheet to jpeg formate save to any folder. Thanks a bunch. This was an easy to understand great way to conveniently save it as whatever type of image you want. I personally used method number 3, but they are all great. FileSystemObject ' FS: FileExists "C: GetBaseName ActiveWorkbook. Export "C: I get the blank chart but missing the data points help please. A method to copy selected chart as image without requiring paint or snipping tool would be useful. When I run macro to copy the chart image from excel to word. Sometime, in another machine it's cause the error: CopyPicture method of range class failed.

The method i like the most that is not here is save the page as pdf and then crop it! Thus, the image is a vector image very good for articles E-mail not published. In this article I will show you 4 ways of saving an Excel chart as an image, so that you can insert it in other Office applications like Word and PowerPoint, or use to create some nice infographics: Copy a chart to a graphics program and save as an image Export an Excel chart to Word and PowerPoint Save all charts in an Excel workbook as images Save a chart as a picture using a VBA macro Copy a chart to a graphics program and save as picture A friend of mine told me once how she usually copies her Excel charts to Paint.

What we do is as follows: Right-click somewhere on the chart border and click Copy. Do not place the cursor within the chart; this may select individual elements rather than the whole graph and you won't see the Copy command. Now all that is left to do is save your chart as an image file. Click the " Save as " button and choose from available formats. For more options, click the " Other formats " button at the end of the list. Export an Excel chart to Word and PowerPoint If you need to export an Excel chart to some other Office application such as Word, PowerPoint or even Outlook, the best way is to paste it directly from the clipboard: Copy your chart as described in step 1 above.

Save a chart to Word and PowerPoint as image In Office , and applications, you can also copy an Excel chart as an image. Copy the chart from your Excel workbook, switch to your Word document, place the cursor where you want to inset the graph, and then click on a tiny black arrow at the bottom of the Paste button residing on the Home tab: You will see the " Paste Special Choose one of the formats and click OK. Save all charts in an Excel workbook as images The methods we have discussed so far work well if you have one or a couple of charts.

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Here's how you can save all charts in a workbook at once: When all of your charts are ready, switch to the File tab and click the Save As button. Also, make sure the " Entire Workbook " radio button next to Save is selected, as shown in the screenshot: Choose the destination folder where you want to save your files and click the Save button. Save a chart as image using a VBA macro If you need to export your Excel charts as pictures on a regular basis, you can automate this work using a VBA macro.

How to save Excel chart as image, copy or export it to Word & PowerPoint

In your Excel workbook, switch to the Developer tab and click on the Marcos icon in the Code group. If this is the first time you are creating a macro, most likely the Developer tab won't be visible in your workbook. Give your macro a name, for example SaveSelectedChartAsImage and choose to enable it in your current workbook only: Click the Create button and you will have the Visual Basic Editor open with the outlines of a new macro already written for you. Copy the following macro in the second line: Thanks for reading! See also Microsoft Excel Charts: Tips, Tricks and Techniques Merge two Excel worksheets by matching data Combine Excel sheets with the same name into one.

Exporting Excel Charts as Images

March 4, at 7: Lukas says: March 4, at 8: Alexander says: March 5, at Hi Lukas, We do not have a ready-to-use macro. But I think it won't be a big problem to write one. Brilliant Minds says: March 22, at Luis Torres says: May 14, at 2: May 14, at May 15, at 2: May 19, at 2: Hello Kyle, I have to ask the same question that I asked of Lucas earlier. Paul says: February 16, at 4: Joe says: February 22, at 4: Try something like this.

How to easily export Excel Charts as Images

Nick Gibbs says: April 1, at Mahdan says: August 9, at September 18, at October 17, at 3: Sithara says: November 13, at 2: Ayoola says: November 20, at 6: Hi, I love this tutorial but what I wish to achieve is to print current selection of cells and not just a graph. November 28, at 1: Hi Ayoola, Thank you for your feedback. Karthikeyan says: December 3, at 3: John says: December 5, at 2: April 12, at I tried to save charts from excel sheet but came across a bug Error 91 fix Object variable not set Please inform how to fix it regards cpurandarrao. April 12, at 5: I have several charts to save at once.

Can I do it.

How to Export Excel Charts as Image Files

Also suggest how to custom name it regards cpurandar. Office converts your chart to a picture, and then pastes a picture of the chart into your document or presentation. Excel Chart Entire Workbook: Chart colors and fonts adopt document theme colors of the paste destination. Chart Linked to Data: This is the default option and pastes a chart object in your document or presentation. The data is linked to the Excel source workbook, which remains an independent Excel file. PowerPoint links update automatically. Keep Source Formatting: Use Destination Theme: This is the default paste.